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When you choose to work with Francesca Ragucci Marketing, you are choosing to open up your business to more possibilities. That is because I am dedicated to building your brand, expanding your network, and deepening your relationships with your potential clients and business partners.


Your business will receive a distinct experience focusing on your core values.

 Francesca Ragucci Marketing encompasses a team of professionals handling multiple facets of your Marketing Plan.

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Social Media Marketing


Social Media is about relationship building. Social spaces are essential for brand awareness & advocacy. This digital space will allow me to grow & foster ongoing relationships. Campaigns on these platforms allow real-time data to achieve your goal. We will strategize effective ways to present your business through content creation, photography& graphics.


brand identity


Branding is the art of accurately portraying the right message to a business’s potential clients and making a lasting, positive first impression. A sophisticated, well-designed brand communicates the right message and gives first-time visitors and viewers an accurate first impression of your business. A brand is identifiable by its tangible, visual elements (logo, colors, fonts, patterns) and its intangible, non-visual elements (terminology, tone, promise)


email marketing

Targeted, personalizable, measurable – it is easy to understand why email marketing is still the backbone of most integrated campaigns. The availability of analytics allows for continual performance improvement using A/B testing and alternate subject lines to find the most persuasive messaging.




Websites are the ultimate expression of integrated form and function. Your website is your hub of information for your clients. Let's figure out the purpose of your website & how visitors will interact with it. At each step, you will be consulted and informed as I take your brand's digital experience from concept to user-friendly, stunning result. All websites are built on Squarespace. 




One single image has the power to share the lifestyle you elicit within your business. Photographs are also important in today's digital environment to compliment your campaign & brand story. A brand’s personality is communicated to the client through the words and images to evoke advocacy. Lifestyle Models within your photography will achieve a distinguishable appeal to your clientele.




Consumers are using social media like never before and optimizing ads with engaging digital content is crucial for your brand’s growth. A highly successful integrated social media advertising campaign will drive traffic, increase reach, and ultimately lead to more sales. Publicity will allow a trusted source to communicate your business on their digital platform. I team up with social influencers, who are people with a large presence on social media and YouTube so that they will promote your business to a large audience.


investment: monthly pricing starts at $2500.00 per month.


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